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Properly dialed, there's nothing better.

SmartCarb Fuel Systems pre-calibrates and configures every SmartCarb specifically for the application for which it was ordered. Our goal is to provide a perfectly tuned SmartCarb right out of the box.


Redefining, then refining.

Like any fuel system, the SmartCarb must be tuned for the application in which it is installed. Factors including the nature of the application, health of the engine, variety and combination of potential engine and/or exhaust modifications, differing fuel compositions regionally and seasonally, intended use, and more all play a role may require adjustments and/or troubleshooting.

SmartCarbs may change hands over time or be moved from one application to another which may require different settings.

Getting the most out of your machine—and troubleshooting when you face a challenge.

The SmartCarb is a precision instrument that provides extraordinary performance gains in any compatible small engine application. Getting the most out of your SmartCarb is dependent on two principles:

1. All equipment is in proper working order, and the SmartCarb is installed correctly.

2. You understand how the SmartCarb functions and how to adjust or tune it to meet your needs.

We assume that your application is set up correctly and that there are no issues that may affect performance outside of SmartCarb installation and tuning.

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