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SmartCarb Fuel Systems is a conservation-minded technology enterprise based out of Raytown, Missouri.

We design and manufacture the SmartCarb, an ultra-efficient mechanical fuel system that increases performance, improves fuel economy, and substantially reduces emissions.


Who We Are

SmartCarb Fuel Systems was founded by two-cycle engine expert, inventor, and current Chief Technology Officer, Corey Dyess. Today, the team consists of his family, trusted advisors, mentors, friends, and a wide orbit of industry-linked professionals and thought leaders.

SmartCarb technology competes directly against modern 2-stroke EFI fuel systems in performance, emissions compliance, and fuel economy—and is superior in simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to apply our passion for motorsports toward developing and unleashing disruptive fuel system technologies that significantly reduce emissions outputs and associated negative health impacts from light transportation and personal power generation worldwide.

Our Values

Pursuing excellence,
every day

Bringing new technologies
to the world to improve lives and livelihoods

Exploring our passion
for perfection


Looking back

The SmartCarb is the culmination of more than 50 years of metering rod carburetor fuel system development.


Setting the groundwork

Early mentorship by the late Mr. William "Red" Edmonston, a friend and colleague of Corey's while operating out of the University of Wyoming, set Corey on the path to radically disrupting the small engine, recreational fuel system industry. Today the Dyess family and their team of technicians, engineers, fabricators, and vendors have brought the original dream to fruition.

Revolutionary Design

The SmartCarb combines the best features from earlier Edmonston designed and inspired flat-slide, metering rod carburetor designs.

Through revolutionary design modifications, iterations, and exhaustive testing, the SmartCarb has become a real-world solution to satisfying emissions regulations and performance requirements in small engine applications worldwide.


Here & Now

Currently, the SmartCarb is proving itself in the toughest of hard enduro championships, satisfying emissions regulations in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and exceeding OEM performance requirements in an array of small engine applications.


Looking forward.

Our team works closely with industry partners, top level racers, and enthusiasts in over 50 countries worldwide to implement the best carburetor technology available. We manufacture SmartCarbs for use in two- and four-cycle engines in an ever-increasing number of sizes and configurations.

SmartCarb Fuel Systems has blown away long-standing assumptions in this space by doing the impossible – creating a mechanical fuel system that meets or exceeds the capabilities of electronic fuel injection (EFI).

market expansion

Application-driven development is ongoing with successful testing in:

Offroad 4-Stroke Dirt Bikes
Vintage 2-Stroke Scooters
2-Stroke Snowmobiles

Outboard Marine Engines

Personal Power Generation
Personal Power Equipment

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