How it works

Form Meets Function

Take a deeper dive into the core technologies behind the patented SmartCarb fuel system.

SmartCarb does it better.

Carburetors are mechanical instruments designed to precisely meter and mix air and fuel together to facilitate efficient combustion in internal combustion engines. There are numerous methods by which different carburetor designs achieve these objectives, but none of them function like the SmartCarb.

The SmartCarb provides extremely fine fuel atomization, precise mixture control, and air density compensation in a single circuit, jet-less fuel system. 

Single Circuit Fueling

The Metering Rod

The SmartCarb's patented, precision-ground metering rod atomizes fuel better than conventional carburetor jets and all but the most advanced fuel injectors.


Focused Airflow

The SmartCarb's patented venturi shape focuses airflow directly at the metering rod, promoting maximum fuel pickup, atomization, and performance at all throttle positions.

Throttle Response

The SmartCarb's unique, non-round venturi shape alters the throttle rate of opening, maintaining high velocity and signal at lower throttle positions while providing smooth, linear power delivery throughout. No more bogging or hesitation on quick throttle whacks.

Small carburetor snap, big carburetor power, all in one venturi.


Integrated, Internal Venting

Unlike other carburetors with external vent lines, the SmartCarb vents its float bowl directly at the venturi opening. This patented feature communicates both atmospheric pressure and manifold absolute pressure (MAP) into the float bowl, driving fuel flow proportional to both air density and velocity in real-time.

As a result, the SmartCarb is able to compensate for a much wider range of air density factors including changes in elevation and/or temperature. Furthermore, internal float bowl venting provides near instantaneous fuel lift, precluding the need for a pumper circuit for quick throttle openings.

Sealed System

Venting the float bowl from the airbox creates a sealed system and check-valves in the vent passageways prevent fuel spillage even in the event of a tip over. The SmartCarb has achieved among the lowest evaporative emissions ever tested with a carburetor.


No more jetting, ever.

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