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Forget jetting, defy efi

The SmartCarb is an ultra-efficient, single circuit, mechanical fuel system that increases performance, improves fuel economy, and drastically reduces emissions outputs.

Our patented technologies have been EPA tested and certified, proven in the extreme environment of off-road motorcycle racing, and enjoy professional and recreational use worldwide.

8-10% More Power
25-30% Greater Fuel Economy
50%+ Reduced Emissions
Elevation/Temperature Compensation
Tool-Free External Adjustability

Precision Instrument

SmartCarbs are designed and manufactured in the USA with exacting tolerances for precise metering of both air and fuel.

The SC2 is the culmination of 50+ years of metering rod carburetor concept development, offering unparalleled performance & ease of use.


Ultra-Fine Atomization

Our patented metering rod and algorithmically derived venturi profile work together to provide extremely fine fuel atomization, creating more power while using less fuel.

Competing mechanical fuel systems rely on imprecise power jets and/or multiple circuits, increasing complexity while decreasing efficiency.

Tool-Free Adjustability

Easily tune the SmartCarb by hand track or trail-side in seconds.
No tools required and no risk of dirt/dust ingestion.

Responsibly Fun

Single circuit metering rod fuel atomization enables drastic reductions in exhaust emissions through increased combustion efficiency. Integrated, internal venting makes the SmartCarb a sealed system with near zero evaporative emissions.

No more fuel spillage!


Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Patented internal float bowl venting keeps the SmartCarb in tune for a much wider range of elevation & temperature changes compared to competing fuel systems.

Tested up to 22,000 feet!


We're Just Getting Started

MagVolt® Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) available for 3D ignition mapping, Beta oil injection, trick aftermarket ECUs, and more!

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A Radical Global Impact

We are committed to unleashing a new era in small engine carburetor technology to fuel radical transformations in recreational and utility transportation and power generation industries around the world.
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