SmartCarb For Honda Dio


¡Dios Mío!

These kit options are compatible with stock or modified AF18/25 Honda Dios & AF27/28 Honda Super Dios, offering snappy throttle response, maximum power potential, and incredible ease of use. Kits include SmartCarb SC2 carburetor only. Parts/components required for fitment/throttling are not included. View Fitment Information below for more information.

In general we recommend the 28mm size for Dios up to 110cc and the 36mm for Dios 110cc+

Every SmartCarb ships pre-adjusted specifically for the Dio for which it is ordered. Please provide information in the forms below about any engine/exhaust modifications and what fuel selection and oil premix ratio you use.

Questions about compatibility, sizing, or fitment? Contact Us!

Products shipping internationally may be subject to import duties/taxes.

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The SC2 SmartCarb is a precision metering instrument that provides extremely fine fuel atomization, precise mixture control, and air density compensation in a single circuit, jet-less fuel system.

  • CNC billet aluminum construction
  • Patented single fuel circuit design
  • Extremely fine fuel atomization
  • Optimal air/fuel ratio control
  • Designed & manufactured in the USA