Our TT 1000 Racer Uses 36mm SmartCarbs, Not Fuel Injection

Our TT 1000 Racer Uses 36mm SmartCarbs, Not Fuel Injection

Guest Post by Scot Wilson
of ItalianIron Classics

The purpose of this series of blog posts is to discuss a new perspective as it relates to our preference for the use of SmartCarb Flat Slide carbs instead of fuel injection for many motorcycle applications. We have found that having the correct carbs can transform both modern and vintage Ducati 2 and 3 valve engine applications in a number of beneficial ways. To determine the correct size of carb to use on our TT 1000, we decided to match as closely as possible the 35mm size of the inlets in our Ducati 1000 cc S2R engine that comes from the factory with fuel injection. We knew that we could use 36mm SmartCarb Flat Slide carbs to maximize a direct and efficient flow of the fuel mixture just like fuel injection and to minimize the effect of any unwanted turbulence. We were proven correct when we took our TT 1000 to the dyno and the carbs never faltered.

Due to the technological advantages of our SmartCarbs, we knew that like fuel injection, that these flat-slide carbs were more than up to the task of delivering a constant, linear fuel mixture through the entire rev range of 9500 rpm for our Ducati 1000 DS Monster engine. Due to the "pressurized" float bowls of our 36mm SmartCarbs, we get linear "injection" of the fuel mixture into our engines much like electronic fuel injection and without the need for an ECU! These 36mm SmartCarbs were more than sufficient in fulfilling the fuel mixture requirements of this big 1000 cc engine. It has been determined through our analysis that larger carburetors are not necessary. Seen below is Corey Dyess, CTO of SmartCarb Fuel Systems working with us at Evan Steel Performance as we "dial-in" our 36mm SmartCarb flat-slides.

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  1. I’m really intrigued…I have a 1988 Suzuki samurai with about a 1,400 cc inline 4. Currently running on a 40mm Harley cv carb. Could this work if I modify the mounting system?

  2. I would like to know how this is set. Since i wanna buy smart carb and put it on the 97 vtr1000f. Which has a (not the same but similar) 1000cc 90 degree twin. Did you use one smart carb to fuel both cylinder or two one each.

  3. I have a project that could be fun for these carbs. My 1998 Honda GoldWing GL 1500

  4. I’m interested in this system for my 1974 Honda XL350 that I’m rebuilding. However when I go to the catalog, it says these products are primarily for 2stroke dirt bikes. Is there any modification necessary for 4 stroke applications?

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