MagVolt® SmartCarb Throttle Position Sensor


MagVolt® TPS is a bolt-on kit for any 36, 38, or 40mm size SC2 model SmartCarb. No calibration required.

Note: Some TPS-equipped Japanese 2-stroke dirt bikes have varying TPS connector types. Select the type that matches the connector end attached to your stock or current carburetor.

TPS Connector Types & Common Applications:

  • Type 1: Most TPS equipped Yamaha YZ250 dirt bikes
  • Type 2: 2018+ oil injected Beta dirt bikes (power lead included)
  • Type 3: TPS equipped Honda CR250 dirt bikes
  • Type 4: Pre-2018 oil injected Betas and some TPS equipped Suzuki RM250 dirt bikes
  • Type 5: Most TPS equipped Kawasaki KX250 dirt bikes
  • Type 6: Some TPS equipped Suzuki RM250 dirt bikes
  • Type 7: Some TPS equipped Suzuki RM250 dirt bikes
  • Type 8: Some later year (2021+) TPS equipped Yamaha YZ250, YZ250X, YZ125, and YZ125X dirt bikes
  • Type 9: Some early TPS equipped Honda CR250 dirt bikes
  • Type 10: TPS equipped Kawasaki KX125 and some early TPS equipped Kawasaki KX250 dirt bikes

Not sure which MagVolt® TPS Type is correct for you? Contact Us!

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Linear Magnetic Magic.

A Throttle Position Sensor or TPS system provides information to the ECU for a variety of purposes including:

  • 3D ignition mapping in Yamaha YZ250 and other Japanese 2-stroke dirt bikes
  • Variable oiling rate in Beta 2-stroke dirt bikes equipped with oil injection systems
  • Real-time ignition modulation in aftermarket ECUs like the PowerCDI

SmartCarb’s proprietary MagVolt® TPS comprises a linear-magnetic position sensor and a magnet mounted in the throttle slide. The sensor reads throttle position through the wall of the carburetor and relays information to the ECU. Unlike conventional piezoelectric resistance type sensors requiring additional moving parts and calibration, MagVolt® TPS bolts onto any 36-40mm SC2 model SmartCarb, uses no moving parts, and creates no potential for air leaks.

Note: There is no need to purchase this product with a new 36-40mm SC2 model SmartCarb. If ordering a new SC2 for your TPS-equipped application, simply select the MagVolt® TPS option when purchasing and we will provide the correct connector type for you.